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Global Chant Database

Online tool for searching plainchant melodies
in medieval sources and new editions

Global Chant Database

This is a searchable database of plainchant melodies and texts included in medieval sources and new editions. It serves as a simple tool for searching information on Gregorian chant and other medieval monody including sacred songs. At this time the database contains almost 25.000 records of chant incipits that provide information about text, melody, genre, modus and concordances in new editions and other on-line databases. Some of the records include also hypertext links to facsimiles where a particular chant can be found.

Global Chant Database

The Global Chant Database was developed by Jan Koláček - PhD student of the Institute of Musicology at the Charles University in Prague. The database is intended as an easy tool for scholars and students to search and identify plainchant melodies with a possibility of displaying the sources. The purpose of the database is to comprise the chant incipits of all important editions of plainchant and medieval manuscripts. The melody encoding scheme is compatible with the font 'Volpiano' and other melody codes - this enables to make links with other chant databases.

The Global Chant Database is intended as an open system with external contributors. Scholars and students doing a research on a medieval music source can contribute to the database using a special application that enables easy melody input. For more information on cooperation, please contact the database administrator.

Index of all texts included in the database:


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13 Nov 2009

GCD is now connected with the Bible! For browsing chants inspired by Holy Scripture go to Bible search.

02 Nov 2009

Hymn melodies from the Cantus Planus database were added to GCD by courtesy of Prof. David Hiley.

03 Sep 2009

Chant incipits from Hymni et sequentiae (Budapest, 1956) by Benjamin Rajeczky were added to the database.

27 May 2009

References to Schlager's Alleluia catalogues were added with kind permission and help of Dominique Gatté.


30/01/2016 - 21:55  Larry

Are you aware of any audio recording of any kind of the following: 1. Alleluia qui docti fuerint 2. Alleluia qui ad justitiam erudiant multos 3. Mihi autem adhaerere Deo bonum est (offertory) 4. Vos estis lux mundi: sic luceat lux vestra(communion)

28/03/2014 - 14:49  Adrian Mallia

I have been trying to find the organ accompaniment music sheets for the "Liber Usualis" of the Monks of Solesmes. The thing is, I am not even sure if these scores are even available or if they were ever produced. So, if you could at least confirm if they were infact produced or not will already be of great help. If they are available and you could help me with abtaining them, well, that would be really really appreciated. I thank you in advance for you interest and send my regards

24/01/2014 - 13:33  Christoph Dohrmann

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to suggest a new online project for chant: a melody database which contains many different versions of chant from all chant traditions (Old Roman, Ambrosian, Beneventan, Old Spanish, Gregorian, Sarum). Many people could contribute to such a project, transcribing melodies from sources (which should always be given in the transcriptions). Many sources which are already online could be linked with the transcriptions. The project should also contain regional and temporal variants of chants, thereby documenting chant reforms etc.. The database should also contain introductions to the chant traditions and different chant centers, explaining how chant developed and describing the peculiarities of different chant centers and chant reforms. A bibliography for each chant tradition could also be added. The long-term aim could be to really document all extant variants of chant melodies. Audio files with recordings of chants could also be added - these

13/07/2013 - 14:44  Jay

What a find this is! Some time ago I saw a "The end is Nigh" movie, "2012 Mayan Prophecy". In one of the preambles there is a chant which I have been trying to identify. I have copied the short piece but have not been able to remove the voice over. Selective hearing is only a partial answer. Can you recommend any solutions?


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Last update: 02 November 2009

Global Chant Database
Global Chant Database