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The Liber usualis with introduction and rubrics in English; Tournai, New York; Desclée No. 801; 1961
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List of chants on this page (in alphabetical order):
Chant detailsDomine ostende nobis patrem----------an7AM 893 AR 694 LA 393 LU 1465_E *WA 307
Chant detailsPhilippe qui videt me----------an7AM 893 AR 694 LU 1465_E *LA 394
Chant detailsSi cognovissetis me et patrem----------an7AM 893 AR 695 LU 1465_E PM 152 *LA 394 *WA 307
Chant detailsTanto tempore vobiscum sum ... meum----------an3AR 695 LU 1465_E *AM 893 *LA 394

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