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Carolus OTT: Offertoriale sive versus offertoriorum cantus Gregoriani; Paris, Tournai, Rome, 1935
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List of chants on this page (in alphabetical order):
Chant detailsElegerunt apostoli Stephanum----------of8GR 37 GS 16 LU 417 OTT 161 *GB 22 *SYG 23
Chant detailsPositis autem genibus Stephanus Elegerunt apostoli----------ofvGB 22 OTT 161
Chant detailsSurrexerunt autem quidam ex JudaeisElegerunt apostoli-----------ofvOTT 161 *SYG 23
Chant detailsVidebant faciem ejus Elegerunt apostoii----------ofvOTT 161

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