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Carolus OTT: Offertoriale sive versus offertoriorum cantus Gregoriani; Paris, Tournai, Rome, 1935
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List of chants on this page (in alphabetical order):
Chant detailsCustodi me Domine de manu----------ofGB 113 GR 189 LU 614 OHS 278 OTT 52 *GS 91 *SYG 126
Chant detailsDixi Domino Deus meus Custodi me----------ofvOTT 52 *SYG 126
Chant detailsEripe me Domine ab homine malo Oustodi me----------ofvGB 113 OTT 52 SYG 126
Chant detailsQui cogitaverunt supplantare Custodi me----------ofvOTT 52 *SYG 126

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Image is published here with kind permission of William Mahrt and Jeffrey Tucker.
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